I had frowned at the South African grills because I felt people were paying well over the odds for a grill that was just a ‘bit’ different in the UK.  However, the first time I saw Terapodz in the flesh was at the T3 Bus Meet. To me they added extra function and extra character above and beyond a wrap around to the indicators.

So these were on my Xmas shopping list. Fortunately my wife had caught wind of my wanting and bought them as an early Christmas present. Suffice to say, mid December I was adding these bad boys…

Lights out for install
Terrapodz fitted
Terrapodz fitted

All back together 🙂

Sorted :)
Sorted 🙂

Update (2019). All of the surface mount LEDs have failed on one lamp, and some have failed on the other. This happened over a period of months so really disappointed as they were not cheap. Would I recommend them…No. However, there is a second generation coming out I am told, but I can’t get my money back so it’s going to be a repair job or take them off!

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