Slide out Chopping Board


My decision to change the stock 3 way fridge for a 2 way electric model meant that I would have a lot more space to take advantage of in the same space. I saw a post on social media where somebody had put in a pull out chopping board, and although it was not executed very well the idea stayed with me.

So I set to looking for the components to full fill my ambition. My wife and I went to IKEA one weekend and I saw a chopping board that was made of bamboo. I knew it would be too big for the aperture it needed to fit, but I was fully aware that I would be very lucky to find something that would fit perfectly without modification. A few days later we went to the local B & Q store to get the rest of the components.

Basic elements
Basic elements

Over the course of about four days I sawed drilled and screwed these items into something that looked like it would work.


And this is the end result.



I think this will prove very useful. In a van that has very limited space, it’s things like this that will make all of the difference. Just need to get the fridge installed now. Watch this space 😉


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    1. Cheers Neil. It works really well. Simple mod but increases functionality in the van no end. Thanks for feedback. Always appreciated.

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