GoWesty Roof Canvas

When I purchased the van my canvas was looking tired, stained and moldy. Like the H Bar assembly, it wasn’t something that stopped us using the van. However, It was something that I could only live with for so long as our eyes were continually drawn to it when camping. So the decision was made to change the canvas and ended up going for a GoWesty option from Campervan Culture in light grey.

After looking at some videos I had come to the conclusion that I was going to attempt the fitting myself. I plucked up the courage and one Friday afternoon, booked the afternoon off work and set to stripping the old canvas out….20150424_140058

And replacing the new….


The install took substantially longer than anticipated. At 9pm I threw in the towel and got up early the following day to carry on. I finally finished it late afternoon on the Saturday after a couple of heavy downpours 🙁


All was great until I got up the following morning in excruciating pain. I had issues with my shoulders previously, and the rolling around in confined spaces in awkward positions had aggravated the problem. Long story short I ended up having three weeks off work with tendinitis in the shoulder 🙁 . Not good!

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2 thoughts on “GoWesty Roof Canvas”

  1. Hi chap. Any issue with your tent canvas leaking around the Velcro on the front window? Ours is terrible and we have asked GoWesty to replace it.

    Shaun (aka Winchweight)

    1. Shaun, in answer to your question…yes it’s terrible looks nice but there is a problem with this canvas that has been recognised by Go Westy . They sent me some seal sealant as an interim measure, but its got to the point where they have had to accept they are not going to be in a position short term to give me a direct replacement. They are sending me an alternative of my choice from their website. Hope this helps

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