2019 Euro Trip

The month of May was a strange one. At the start it seemed like our Euro holiday in June was approaching with ample time to get everything sorted. A service on the van two weeks before we departed proved to be more expensive due to the fact a few minor issues needed addressing, but the cost bumped it up more from a labour point, than parts required.

The Bank holiday weekend prior was spent camping with friends, my sister (Ness), and nephew Oscar, and to be honest it was brilliant. So we weren’t surprised that our second holiday to the continent in as many years came rushing up on us. I must say we didn’t think that last years holiday to France, Italy and Switzerland could be beaten. How wrong could we be!

The links below will take you to dedicated destinations we visited, or scroll down and you will see all of the posts chronologically from start to finish. I hope you enjoy, and are inspired to follow in our footsteps.

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  1. Hi, greetings from you current neighbors, the ones from Esslingen, Germany ?. I guess you are aware it is more *der* Wolfgang than *das*? ?

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