We have owned our first campervan, Wolfgang, since 2014, and named it thus due to its unbreakable connection with Germany, and the fact the van was produced in Wolfsburg. After many years of ownership, amazing adventures, and disappointment and heartache when things didn’t quite go to plan, the VW T3 we owned became more than just a well equipped box on wheels. It was a bond to us that couldn’t be replaced

Wolfgang Jnr

However… As an absolute freak of being in the right place at the right time, the bigger VW Westfalia LT Florida was just about to come onto the market. Long story short we ended up buying ‘Wolfgang Senior’ as we affectionately call him. No older than junior, but he’s bigger, and we enjoy the fact that we can more effectively wilde camp in it, as it has a boiler and shower.

Wolfgang Snr

They both have their own unique characteristics due to their size, but give us an amazing amount of freedom. Fixing, maintaining and upgrading were all going to make the experience better, and I hope that the issues covered in this resource can be of help to owners of similar vans.

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