yamaha XS400

My enjoyment of vehicles started with the motorbike. The freedom I found in the mid to late 1980 was something that has stayed with me to this very day. I had a whole raft of learner legal bikes throughout this period, flitting from a trail bike to road bikes and back again. The vast majority were Yamaha, and almost every one was stripped to the bare frame, painted and rebuilt so that I had an understanding of the bike, and confidence in its reliability. My dream bike at the time was the RDLC350, but sadly it was out of reach due to my lack of commitment to progress my licence from provisional to full.

Yamaha RDLC350

In anticipation of passing my test i purchased a RD250 DX which was the earlier air cooled version of the LC (liquid cooled)

RD 250 DX in Kenny Roberts colours. Brought this bike on a whim and had to sell it because i hadn’t passed my test 🙁

However, I eventually moved more towards cars, and this became the transport distraction for the next five years or so.

In the 1990s I found an interest in classic scooters, and it was at this point I decided to take my full bike test. After passing this I was content with scooters, but passing my test would stand me in good stead for my most recent purchase years later.

I saw the bike on ebay and the looks, quality of build and the price made me want the it instantly.

The bike was paid for and couriered from Scotland to the Midlands in less than a week. After few small running issues that turned out to be timing related, its an absolute dream to ride. It pulls like a train and it encompases all that I love about two wheeled transport.

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