Yamaha FZR400 (1988)

This bike was spotted on Facebook Marketplace for the princely sum of £150.

This was an offer I couldn’t refuse. My thought process is a classic, and it needed saving! But the Corona Virus lock down happened a day after i agreed to collect the bike. However, confident I would be able to save the bike from the scrap heap, i committed to purchase to show my commitment. Long story short, it took a further week to get the bike collected.

Trying to piece the project together…

So then the next process was to establish exactly what parts were there and usable, and what parts i needed to order.

It soon became apparent that the engine, wiring loom, tyres were all shot. So this meant it was going to be a propper ground up restoration. The wheels have been stripped back to just the alloys and these have been sent away to be powder coated. Bearings and seals have been ordered, along with a new set of Bridgestone performance tyres.

I am rapidly refurbishing the parts I can can do myself with elbow grease, patience, metal polish and paint. I have sourced an engine, wiring loom and a few other parts, along with an exhaust. I don’t thing I am going to be selling this bike short term, but I have to be mindfull that this is probably never going to be worth a fortune. At least i know when its finished, it will be lacking a lot of the issues bikes of this age tend to have due to the fact it will have had a complete overhaul.

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