Stainless Fridge Vent

I saw these fridge vents on Ebay and realized that they were actually produced by a friend of mine. He had one that had a slight imperfection in it and got it at a ‘mates rate’ price :). The old vent was starting to show its age and had dis-coloured quite badly. It was only a matter of time before rust would have set in and the paint would start flaking off.

The replacement has the a additional benefit of housing a 12volt socket so win win 😉 . I wired this into the 12 volt power switch that had been installed under the sink to feed the DVD player. This way the power would only be supplied to the socket when required. This would probably be in conjunction with the mood lighting we also had wired to the same power switch.

Table out to reveal vent
Table in place, socket still accessable

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