Rusty fuel tank

I knew that the fuel tank had some corrosion but wasn’t 100% sure just how bad it was. The van was in my local garage last year to have the coolant pipes replaced and the mechanic told me there were large sheets of rust coming from the top of the tank during some preliminary work. Long story short the garage never ended up fitting the pipes, and threw the towel in after he realised everything was going to take him a lot longer than he had anticipated due to the expanding workload. However, I had ordered the new tank based on his analysis, which sat in my garage for a number of month up until now. So the  engine upgrade  is currently in full swing, which is the perfect time to get this sorted.

Here is a picture the rusty tank taken off at the Brickwerks Workshop (Just so there is nothing left to the imagination). On the cusp of failure i would imagine 🙂

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