Roof Lift Assist Kit


Once my roof bars were fitted to the van the amount of effort needed to elevate it increased dramatically. Although they are aluminum and relatively light they are mounted further forward than you would expect. Maybe this is because they are designed to carry long canoes as well as kayaks and mounting they further rearward may leave a long vessel sticking out of the back dangerously? Anyways, they are where they are and i have seen others mounted in the same location so I’m not going to question it any further.

So I had a requirement for some lift assist and the following was fitted from Campervan Cuture:


The Westfalia Poptop is great, offers so much accommodation space when you park and pop up but if you have anything loaded on a roof rack or roof bars on top of your pop top such as a Canoe, Surfboards or a large solar panel it can be difficult getting the pop top up into position due to the additional weight.

The kit is very easy to install, you only need to drill 2 holes, both in the fiberglass, one on each side of the pop top. The detailed instructions make it easy to find the right location for the holes.”

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