Mood Lighting

We had owned the camper for about six months and found that the standard lighting wasn’t ideal for relaxing and watching the TV. So we bought a small battery powered set of Christmas lights which created a nice ambient light source. However, these had to be positioned every time we wanted to use them and this was proving a tad inconvenient.


At one of the previous local campervan meetings I had seen a van that had some mood lighting in the rail on the left of the van. This was just what I was looking for. On a trip to IKEA I spotted some strip lighting that looked like it would fit the bill. It came with a controller pack which allowed the selection of specific colours or disco modes.

Testing the IKEA Lights

So I bought the kit and after a little tinkering the lights were mounded in place using the double sided foam pads. These were than wired in to a switch underneath the sink unit that provided power to the DVD player. This gets used every time we camp so its been a worth while addition. I think the kit was £35 at the time which included 4 strips that are linked together by a short ribbon and a longer ribbon to link the controller to the lights. See link here


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