Little Winnick (9)

After a great day in Falmouth we headed to Little Winnick Touring Park. This evening was meant to be a wild camp but we decided we couldn’t be bothered with the potential hassle of being moved on…and we liked the idea of having a shower in the morning 🙂 . We had already booked for two nights. However, arriving early we didn’t want to commit ourselves for a full three night, and the campsite was fine about us being indecisive. So we paid for two nights with the option of extending it further if required.

The weather was great late afternoon. The campsite gave us total autonomy as far as the non electric hook up pitches were concerned. We found a spot near a tree to set the van up. My fist job afterwards was to give Wolfgang a clean. However, not long after the sun moved behind the tree and the temperature dropped as a result. Maybe not such a good idea pitching up next to the tree 🙁

LittleWinnick (4)
Giving the van a good clean…in the shade 🙁

Food that evening was done using the Cobb Cooker. Foccia bread, potatoes, salmon and savory rice stuffed peppers with pasta 🙂 . We ate this in the van with the heater on 🙂

LittleWinnick (5)

To settle the meal we took a stroll a short distance along the main road and over a bridge onto the opposite side of the stream. The stream formed the boundary of the campsite. This path was a part of the Pentewan Trail which lead through a forest to the coast. After 20 minutes we headed back as it was starting to get dark. No great shakes as we ended up walking to the coast the following morning after breakfast and a shower.

Pentewan Trail

Chilling after the walk

Chilly but a nice beach at Pentewan

Getting wrestles..ready to head back

One thing we noticed about the campsite was the very limited mobile phone connection. That twinned with the fact we couldn’t do a great deal in the immediate location without having to pack the van up and use it to get around meant that it was a little restrictive. I guess we had been lucky at the previous locations we had visited and now we felt a little hard done to 🙁 .

polgooth-inn-set-in-aThe second evening we drove to a pub called the Polgooth Inn about 3 miles from our touring park, but it was very popular and there was more than an hours wait for a table. So we headed back after a drink and got the Cobb Cooker on the go. Suffice to say we decided not to stay for a third night.

Next Stop Fowey & Polperro

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