H-Bar ‘PopTop Assembly’

The H-Bar assembly that elevated the roof was another one of those things than we could have lived with for a good while. It wasn’t creaking or dangerous, but some of the components were showing their age. Paint had started flaking off parts in big chunks, and it had even stared dropping on the floor.

HBarjpgOld1One side of the elbows dropped lower than the other when collapsed and made a knocking noise.

20150316_154922So  March 2015 was the time i decided to resurrect it to somewhere like new.. The assembly was stripped out ready to go to the powder coaters. These are some of the before pictures:



And these are the after 🙂



The cost of the powder coating was approx £80. Just a word of warning to anybody thinking of doing this!! I know what is involved with the process and had the foresight to block the ends of the stanchion tubes with a cloth. Did hear of somebody that didn’t do that and ended up with a horrible grinding noise because there were still sand in the tubes from the shot-blasting process, which are now grating against the springs that assist the lift of the roof 🙁

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