Euro to UK socket

This modification is quite a contentious one on, but one I wanted to make all the same. Most of the time when on electric hook up we supply a four gang extension socket from the single access point near the  rear seat / rock n roll bed. However, occasionally we want to use that single socket on its own and it was proving a pain when the adaptor kept coming out of the euro socket every time we wanted to change from the four way to desired appliance.

Euro socket with UK adaptor
Euro socket with UK adaptor

So the only real option was to change the socket to a UK one. This is how it was done for anybody thinking of doing it…

Removed the rear seat and the internal components, along with the rear table and some internal gubbings in one of the cupboards underneath that table to gain access to the socket itself. The socket was also removed!


Next I masked off the surrounding coachwork to prevent any damage while i used some power tools to open the hole enough to allow for the UK socket.

Area masked off so as not to damage the surrounding coachwork

From there it was just a case of plodding along and wiring the new socket in place. The day ended late as you can see from the picture 😉

Late night finish
Late night finish

From there it was really just a case of poping every back in to place. But first i cleaned the rear seat bench. It was very dirty and probably housed best part of 25 years dirt and grime. Found 2 forks and a load of playing cards when i took it out 😉Plug2

Anyway…the finished article 😉

The finished article.

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