Dual Power Fridge Vent (CVC)

12v Cigarette lighter + 2xUSB
12v Cigarette lighter + 2xUSB

Some time back I had replaced the original rusting fridge vent for a stainless one with a 12volt socket incorporated. This was obviously an upgrade, but since I had installed my solar panels we have not had to use electric hook up and this will be the case for the foreseeable future. The knock on effect of this is that we don’t have a 240volt option for charging phones tablets etc. So the single socket we were relying on in the stainless vent just wasn’t enough. It looked nice, but function was more important now.


Seeing the Campervan Culture ‘multi socket fridge vent it looked like it would answer all of my prayers. The grey is a good match for the later Westy interior in the Atlantic, and installation was pretty straight forward, daisy chaining one socket on to the next with the main feed from the leisure battery (fused at 20A) .

CVC 12v Fridge Vent Socket
CVC 12v Fridge Vent Socket

So here is my installed unit with a splash of red from my braided USB cables courtesy of the Pound shop (they were £1 before you ask 😉 ). We have only done a couple of weekend getaways since installation, but it’s already come in really handy!

2016-07-24 19.01.47 (Small)

2 thoughts on “Dual Power Fridge Vent (CVC)”

  1. Pisses me off no end. I put the USB outlets at the bottom on my homemade version. Why didn’t I think about the table and put the outlets up top?

    It’s this kind of thing that gets a guy down 🙂

    Great set up Andy, I grudgingly admit.


  2. I can’t take credit for it Alistair. Campervan Culture supplied it. I was just the monkey that used the screw driver 🙂

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