Croatia ?? (Krk)

With supplies replenished via the local Lidl, we left Rovinj with a comparatively short, two hour thirty minute stint to our next destination on the island of Krk.

The temperature had been rising the further south we came, and staying cool while travelling was becoming a bit off a losing battle. Climate control in our classic camper tends to be done by altering the window aperture to one degree or another. However, due to the ridiculous heat even early morning, opening the windows was just letting warm air into the cab, so we had started to be creative with small USB travel fans positioned to try and offer a little extra help.

I would like to say that the journey was an uneventful one but a hiccup at a set of roadworks put us on the wrong side of the motorway with no possible option other than to carry on up to the next junction some 15 kilometres up the road. I was a little miffed as I was knowingly travelling in exactly the opposite direction which increased our ETA to the next campsite and wasted fuel in the process. Not to mention the fact we had just entered a toll section and I was convinced I was going to have to pay to get off, before I could get back on again.

Mandy tried to make me feel better about the mistake by telling me the roadworks would have confused anybody and they should have made things clearer. But I wouldn’t be happy until I knew I was back on the right trajectory again. My foot was to the floor and at 120kph+ Wolfgang was certainly getting the brunt of my annoyance. Fortunately as we entered the slip road, toll booths in sight, Google maps said something that for the first time I was happy to hear. “Do a U turn when possible!” . It was s bit naughty but there wasn’t any traffic so that’s exactly what I did meaning we didn’t have to pay. That would have really rubbed salt in my wounds.

We eventually arrived an hour or so later than predicted to find weren’t due until the following day ?. Not sure exactly how this happened but they managed to accommodate us for a night before we could move to our allocated pitch the the following day.

We set the van up as quickly as possible, had a walk round to get out bearings for the essentials like the toilets,  showers and water points, then sought the sanctuary of the van and the shade the trees around it offered.

It was always going to be the most expensive camp site we had on the agenda, but after our brief site exploration we could see that this was all about the location, and very special it was indeed. I had booked it after looking on the Cool Camping website. You always pay a premium for these locations, but I’ve never had a bad experience yet. This was pretty much the pinnacle of our holiday, so for it to be spoiled by scrimping on funds would have made a mockery of the whole holiday knowing it had taken so much time, fuel and effort, just to be let down by a mediocre location. We realised at this point it was well worth the extra!

The following day our booked pitch was vacated relatively early, so we quickly bundled everything into the van in a rather unorganised manner, dropped the pop-top roof and wound the awning in. It took about 2 minutes to literally drive round the corner to our new spot with an amazing sea view. Things just couldn’t get better. Crystal clear seas, the shade of the trees, and a 30 second walk to the beach. Bliss.

The facilities included bakery,  swimming / infinity pool, and a really nice restaurant. It was lacking nothing.

I can’t really say anymore about this place, but it’s really one of those rare instances where you don’t need to say anymore. Everything is to like, and less is more. Beautiful! Absolutely beautiful!

ECO Camping Glavotok
(Arrival: 12 June – Depart: 15 June)

Contact address: Glavotok 4
51500 KRK
Croatia (HR)

Telephone: +385 51 867 880
Fax: +385 51 867 882


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