Belgium ??(Bruges)

Euro trip 2019 is underway!

We departed home on Thursday evening after work. An overnight ‘stealth’ camp that evening at Dover saw us up early enough to get a 6.45am ferry to Calais.

This put us way ahead of schedule where we arrived at our first destination, Bruges, just over an hour later. Both Mandy and I were really tired when we pitched up at the campsite, so the intention was to chill for the rest of the day knowing we were ahead of schedule. Judging by how tired I felt, this seemed like a distinct possibility.

However, after some lunch and a short nap we headed into the city. Wow! What a beautiful place.

I can certainly see what all the fuss is about. It’s an eclectic mix with waterways, ornate buildings and windmills bringing together the best of what Europe has to offer. We spent the afternoon wandering the streets with a stop at one of the numerous quaint restaurants. I sampled a cool cherry beer which went down really well after the walk, so this was swiftly followed by a strawberry beer… Long story short, 17,000+ steps later (according to my smart watch), we arrived back at the campervan. Truly knackered, but it was a brilliant first day.

Cycling selfie

We learnt a valuable lesson on last years holiday to the continent that we would have been far better taking our bicycles, than the storage box. Other countries seem to encourage cycling with there own lanes and free bike parks. Bruges Drivers of cars have lots of respect for the cyclist, quiet probably because they cycle themselves. So the second day we used our bicycles to reduce the strain which gave us a little more energy to explore.

We could have done with longer at Bruges, but I fear that this is going to be a common feeling as we move from location to location over the next month.

Camping Memling te Bruges
32 euros per night (2 nights 31 May and 1 June)

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