Austria πŸ‡¦πŸ‡Ή(Fernsteinsee)

The journey to Austria took approximately four hours with a single fuel stop. The weather is still fantastic and the van is performing brilliantly cruising at 80mph (120kmh). The last hour off the journey the landscape and roads changed noticeably as we moved into the Alps. We arrived early afternoon and had a great deal of flexibility as far as a camping pitch was concerned. There were trees dotted around which could offer some welcome shade, but with mountains looming all around I needed to make sure my solar panels could harvest enough power to keep the fridge working effectivley, so one was chosen free of tree canopy. Once the van had been set up we just chilled. I drank beer and Mandy read her kindle.

The following morning after breakfast and a shower we were slow to do anything meaningfull. I think we knew that we needed to start slowing things down. Don’t get me wrong we had enjoyed everything since we leaft the UK, but we needed to relax. I was adamant that i needed to update my BLOG as i travelled, because it was a lot more difficult to try and collaite all of the media and remember the experience if it was updated weeks after the event.

Blog updates using my tablet

There seemed to be an excess of energy due to the blue skies via solar pannels. So much so that after Mandy had used her hair straightners, she decided to ironed all her clothes.

We ventured out around 11am and had a walk to the local lake. We had seen photos on the campsite website of boats for hire, and this was also promoted in a small brochure they had given us after checking in. That said they were all locked up with no real way of being able to use them. It was a really nice day, and it would have been a different way to explore, but I figured that this would most probably be something that became available at weekends or as things began to spring into life in July, during the holiday season.

So we made our way around the lake on foot which took just over an hour. The vistas are truely awe inspiring. I have tried to capture this in the photos i took, but it doesn’t really do it justice.

Originally we planned to stay in Fernstiensee for 3 nights, but we have decided to try and break the journey up with only two nights here, then springboard into Croatia via an overnight stealth camp. This means we can enjoy our current location and explore for a day, knowing we will be on schedule without having to endure a whole day behind the wheel to get to Rovinj by Friday. 

I would highly recommend this campsite. We saw this on the Cool Camping website:
Camping Fernsteinsee
Fernstein 475
A-6465 Nassereith / Tyrol
Tel .: +43 (0) 5265 5210

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