Aero fuel filler cap (Brickwerks)


The moment I saw one of these fuel filler caps I knew I had to have one. It replaces a very bland component on the van with something that is far more eye catching and appropriate for such a high spec camper.

2016-07-16 14.31.09

This was not inexpensive by any stretch of the imagination. Quote Brickwerks website:

“This is not a cheap “stick on” kit, its designed for a T3, and sold exclusively by us in the UK. We wanted a kit that was easy and straightforward to fit using the best design and highest quality parts.”

Product Link: Aero Filler Cap – Brickwerks Shop

One thought on “Aero fuel filler cap (Brickwerks)”

  1. Andy
    I purchased one of these sometime back and just getting around to installing it. A couple of questions if you have the time.
    What seals the aluminum adapter to the filler pipe? My van is a late gasoline model with the restricted filler, for unleaded. It appears that the earlier version with the rubber filler neck is sealed by the rubber neck.
    Did you use a gasket or some type of sealer where it sandwiches the body?

    BTW your van is beautiful. Ours is a 1987, bought new, with 334,000 miles on it.

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