Woodlands Caravan Park

This weekend for Mandy and myself happens to be a long one with us both having the Friday off work. As our month long trip to Croatia looms ever closer the pressures to organise the locations / campsites increases. For months we have been consistent in our promise to organise the trip as each weekend passes, we have also been equally consistent at not doing so, due to the distractions of home life.

So our main aim of this micro stop over at a local campsite was to do as little as possible other than get us into camping mode, and plan our holiday.

We have broke the camels back in as much as we have booked our ferry crossings and two nights in Bruges to start the vacation. We also have our eyes on two very nice campsites on the shore of the aptly named Wolfgangsee Lake, and have earmarked some really nice campsites but on the coast of Croatia.

So this single nights stay has been a success. We are a little more relaxed (which is always the case after staying in idyllic surroundings in the van), and looking forward to our main 2019 holiday with enthusiasm, instead of trepidation.

The campsite we chose for this single night stop over was just about as local as it gets. Ashbourne is about 30 minutes from our home which was ideal to maximise our stay and limit fuel. I have stayed here in the past for a couple of nights on my own when recovering from a shoulder injury. It’s surrounded by pine tree and has a cosey feel to each pitch. It’s well maintained with excellent toilet & shower facilities.