DC / AC Inverter

Since upgrading my solar installation in the summer of 2017 the inverter had been omitted due to time constraints \ other priorities. It was always going to go back in as this is the missing component to a fully off grid solution, providing a means of converting the leisure battery’s DC power to AC via a three pin (UK) socket. Obvious uses are for laptop charging or Mandy’s hair drier, so brownie points are gained for making the effort to fit.

Neatly tucked away behind the small cupboard door.

After deciding on a position for my batteries during the solar install, it pretty much meant that the inverter had to go in the same location. Its all very snug, and will be even more so when I get the second leisure battery in place. I’m pretty pleased that I have managed to get so much equipment in such a confined space. We have lost a cupboard, but it’s much neater in this configuration.

View from above with the upper cupboard base removed
Upper cupboard with base back in place.