This blog has been active for some time and was created to show that camping in a campervan can be great fun. Sharing this in a blog is the best and most honest advertisement there can be for this lifestyle choice. Owning our campervan, affectionately known as Wolfgang, has only been part of the fun. Fixing, maintaining and upgrading were all going to make the experience better, and i hope that the issues covered in this resource can be of help to owners of similar vans.

The bonus of owning a well maintained classic campervan is that it can provide you with transport to a multitude of destinations both near and far leaving you with memories that will last a lifetime. We take any opportunity we get to meet friends, or explore new places when possible. Any questions just ask.

I hope you enjoy this BLOG 🙂

Our specific Campervan Conversion is the “VW T3 Westfalia Atlantic”.

As much as we like camping and vanlife, you may also see posts relating to other hobbies or activities. Hopefully none of the content on this BLOG should offend, so Ignore if not of interest, or comment if your liking 🙂

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