Wolfgang – ‘The Campervan’


Wolfgang is a VW T3 Westfalia Atlantic. It was the last and most well equipped ‘T3’ campervan to come off the production line before VW moved on to the newer T4 range.Atlantic

The T3 / 25 model was launched in 1979 under a verity of guises for both commercial and domestic use.  Numerous companies converted these vans into campers. However, Westfalia was the company that VW chose to do their own conversions. The specification options available became many and varied, but in the last two years of production VW standardized on two possible variants.

The Westfalia California was introduced in late 1988, and the Westfalia Atlantic a few months later in mid 1989. As the names might suggest the California was aimed at people using the camper van in summer as in standard form it came fitted with single glazing, and without an Eberspacher night heater. The Atlantic on the other hand was designed for all seasons with double glazing and night heater installed as standard.

  • Conversion – Pop Top
  • Stock Engine: 1.6TD (Currently 1.9TD)
  • 5 Speed Manual Gearbox
  • Colour – LA3E (9312) Cherry Red
  • Price new (1990) – 50,618 DM

Well that’s pretty much the basics of our campervan affectionately named Wolfgang by my wife.  It wasn’t the first name that was suggested and to be honest i was totally against naming any vehicle. However, with a little coaxing in the right direction, she hit upon a name that i thought was pretty cool in light of the vans origin. So Wolfgang was born.

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